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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I design my own closet or have one made specifically for me?
Absolutely! We offer many different designs and closets on our website but occasionally people have a unique situation that requires a unique design or they just have something else in mind. Our design experts are waiting to assist you in creating the perfect closet for you. You can get in contact with them by filling out our contact form or giving us a call, both of which can be found at on our Contact Us page here.
How wide is each section of my closet?
When you place your order you’ll enter the width of the closet (see How to Measure My Closet). We then generally divide that width by the number of sections in that closet so that each section is equal in width (for example, a 6 foot closet that consisted of three sections would be divided into three 2 foot sections). The only exceptions to this would be when you specifically ask for it otherwise (which can be done by stating so in the “notes” section in the checkout process) or when there are drawers. Drawer sections can come in 18 ’’, 24’’ or 30’’ sections. 24’’ is standard while 18’’ and 30’’ are available by request. The rest of the space is then divided into the remaining sections unless otherwise requested (for example, a 7 foot three section closet with drawers would consist of a 24’’ drawer section and two 30’’ sections for a total of the 7 feet).
How deep are your closets?
As our closets are custom made they also have custom depths. Most of standard closets are 12’’ deep while other, such as closets with drawer sections or garage systems, come in depths of 14-24’’ deep. The depth of the closet is always listed in the product description for your convenience. Should you need a different depth other than the one listed simply contact our sales department here and they can assist you with the design and pricing.
What are your closets made of?
Our closets are made of 3/4’’ industrial grade melamine board. It’s the same high quality/high strength board used by custom closet companies around the nation but is now available in closets that cost only a fraction of the price. Our goal was not to supply a cheap closet but a quality closest at an affordable price!
How do I install my closet? Is it difficult?
It’s simple! Check out our Install Info page here for more information.
Does your closet system stand on the floor or hang on the wall?
Our closet systems are almost all wall hung systems. This provides an easy installation and exceptional strength. Only a handful of very deep closets, such as some garage systems, are both wall hung and supported by specialized feet supports that we provide with your closet. To see more information about the installation of our closets visit our Install Info page here.
Are the closets adjustable? Can I change the design of my closet later on?
Yes, the shelves and poles in your closet system are adjustable, and the design can easily be changed. For example, you can change a double hung to a long hang, or a long hang to a double hung, or a shelving section to a hanging section.
If I have concrete walls or metal studs will your closets still work in my home?
Definitely! Simple make sure to note that you have a special type of wall and which type in the “notes” section of our checkout page and we’ll be sure to include the correct hardware in your purchase. Don’t hesitate in contacting us if you have a unique situation that we should know about and we’ll be sure to take care of it.
How long will it take to receive my order
Orders generally arrive within 7-12 business days of placement depending on the location of the customers.